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Thank you so much for sharing your personal candor! I truly admire your bravery, honesty, and authenticity, as well as your encouragement for us to question our identities and the roles we play as women. It's important to acknowledge the ongoing work that still needs to be done. Your personal story is both beautiful and essential to share, as it serves as an inspiration for others to reflect and learn. Please continue sharing!

We all juggle multiple roles, but for me, the role of becoming a mother has been the most challenging of all. Suddenly, you undergo a transformation, and the oneself person you once were is no longer the same. I also appreciate your perspective on envisioning your future self. It's crucial to recognise that who we are now shapes the path to our future selves - and intentionally we should aim for the person who we want to be with our purpose, passions, joy and leveraging our strengths.

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Beautifully articulated Constanze… so resonate with the “box has been opened” and the struggles are real. Love your vulnerability in voicing it and sharing it with the world! Thank you…

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