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Reimagining Work, Leadership & Organisations through the Psychodynamic Lens


Microbiologist, MBA and Master’s in Change, I enjoy learning and helping build leaders. An investment banker turned executive search and leadership advisory consultant, I am passionate about helping build leadership.
I am an INSEAD EMC alumni, a reflective leader with the intention of humanising the workplace in the supply chain industry
My mission it to help leaders to see, hear and value themselves so that they can truly see, hear and value the other. Creating save and inclusive company cultures. Be curious without memory and desire!
I am a global citizen in permanent beta: in pursuit of better understanding how collective trauma shapes leaders globally. Conscious Business Leader in Tech, Agent of Change & DEI Advocate. Toddler Mum.
Champion of Effective Stakeholder Engagement; Change Management; Diversity and Inclusion
freelance Japanese/English translator
Nour is an Executive Coach, Change Consultant & Facilitator. She currently resides in Dubai.
On a mission to drive the transformation of law firms with my consultancy @ www.trustwork.consulting
An educator in the luxury retail industry, passionate about diversity and inclusion, and empowerment through navigating transitions. Executive Master in Change graduate at INSEAD.
Motoko is a senior leader serving as a change agent/facilitator with 20+ years of experiences focusing on healthcare industry.